Tuesday, 6 April 2010

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I'm wondering if Mum is not well at the moment, or if she's just not got the will to be well. She's been in bed for virtually the whole time since she had her radiotherapy and is not eating much, although I did twist her arm to eat a tiny piece of toast from the world's smallest loaf when I called round yesterday morning. I did put a great deal of butter on, so she did have some calories, even though she wouldn't eat the crusts. I can't actually get to the bottom of why she won't eat. Sometimes she says she feels sick and other times she says she just doesn't fancy anything. As she's currently on steroids, this lack of appetite is quite strange. The oncologist did say that Mum would feel tired after radiotherapy, but to this extent? And with no appetite? I'm thinking it's going to be a temporary thing, but as the MacMillan Nurse has mentioned Hospice at Home when she phoned Mum today, maybe not. Whilst Mum is poorly, I can't really see that she's ill enough to have round-the-clock nursing care. I mean, what would they actually do? Make small toast and small talk to pass the time?

I got a call from Mum yesterday, when she had actually meant to be calling the social worker back. She had pressed redial, instead of dialing 1471, after just taking a call from said social worker. She said the social worker was calling round on Friday, supposedly followed by a visit from a co-ordinator from the care providers, but Mum didn't know why they were going. I thought it would be best to go round to Mum's to sort everything out, as I knew there was a phone number for the social worker there. I found the number and gave her a call, and she told me that she's going round with the district nurse to do an assessment. The care co-ordinator was going round as Mum had expressed problems with the carers. I pointed out that this visit seemed unnecessary, so we agreed that I would put all the issues in an email and she would pass them on to the care providers. Job done.

There was more phoning to do for various bits of information and requests, and looking through all sorts of files for correspondence about her benefits, so I ended up feeling like Mum's personal assistant. At least this is me being useful and means I can get to the bottom of some of the issues that Mum isn't taking on board, like why people are actually going to see her. This seems such a fundamental lack of interest, particularly when she phones me in an angry mood, expressing frustration at not knowing what's happening. I just don't know why she doesn't ask questions. It's not like she's 90.

Friday's assessment will be fun as Mum was cross today on receiving an outline of issues from the social worker. Apparently it was all wrong. Talk about start off on the wrong foot.

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