Sunday, 11 April 2010

Not even a small piece of toast

Went round to Mum's today and I think since the last time I was there on Friday she'd only digested a fortified drink from the dietian and two Actimel. I'm not even sure she'd had very much liquid beyond this. The last solid food I think she had was last Tuesday, when I she ate the tiny toast without the crusts. Of course now I'm calling in all the time I'm really noticing what's been eaten, what's in the bin and so on, so it's very easy to tell what she's had. As a result I really do know it's not enough to keep her going and it's little wonder she is feeling weak and dizzy.

I called at Tesco yesterday and got Mum some little smoothie drinks and a vanilla milkshake, just so she could try something different that didn't take too much effort to drink. When we left today, I left her with the milkshake and also left some chocolate on her bedside table. You never know it might encourage her to have a bit.

All this comes before I am due to go away, so of course I am worried, but at the same time acknowledge that I need a break. She could go down hill quickly, but this could go on for months, but without a rest myself I'm not sure how useful I'll be. I think my only option is to raise things with the MacMillan Nurse tomorrow and leave it in her (hopefully) capable hands. Friday's assessment with the social worker and district nurse concluded that Mum needed social care rather than nursing care, and whilst they are right as Mum has no new medical needs, it seems like something is needed from somewhere. I actually feel like I'm better of leaving things to the "professionals" as Mum is far more likely to listen to them than me. If the MacMillan Nurse says try to keep up your calorie intake.

I am calling round to Mum's in the morning again, after my dentist appointment, so think I will try her with a cheeky piece of very buttery toast again and beg her to eat it.

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